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Image courtesy of Flickr user disparkys, shared under a Creative Commons licence

We are proud to introduce a new and improved website for SLA Europe. Here you will find information on our recent and upcoming events, details of our awards, our blog, and much more.

Please have a look around and let us know what you think, we’d love to have your feedback. You can either email with your comments, or leave a comment on our blog.

If you previously subscribed to our blog’s RSS feed, you’ll need to update your feed reader. Please see the RSS buttons on the right hand side of our website. If you don’t use an RSS reader you can also subscribe to our blog, news feed and events feed via email.

We hope you enjoy our new site, and look forward to using the site to keep in touch with members and non-members alike.

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4 comments on “Introducing SLA Europe’s brand new website”

  1. Nora Stoecker

    Congratulations on the SLA Eurpoe website. I’m a member of the SLA Rio Grande Chapter (New Mexico, USA). The President of our chapter just shared new about your webstite with us via our e-list.

    The site looks great and I’ve already got it bookmarked :-)

    • SLA blogger

      Thank you for the comment Nora, glad you like our website! Nice to see some international visitors, give our regards to the rest of the Rio Grande Chapter :)

    • SLA blogger

      Ok, I’ll have to take responsibility for that one – I actually thought that was a picture of a sunrise, not a sunset! Thanks for the correction :)
      Will probably leave the image as it is for now, as I do think it’s quite a nice photo – I really just wanted something that said “welcome” on it, and that photo seemed to fit the bill. Will be more careful when searching for Creative Commons images in future!

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