David Gurteen

David Gurteen is a well known figure of the knowledge management world. For several years, he has been touring the world introducing knowledge cafés as a way to re-discover the power of conversation to exchange knowledge. In this interview, David introduces himself, and how he became involved in knowledge management. He explains the principles behind knowledge cafés, and how they represent a great KM tool, including in the business environment.  He touches briefly on cultural differences in the way people approach conversation, and invites us to join him to live the experience in one of his workshop, or the many cafés he runs for his community.

To find out more about David, and to join his community, look up his website, Gurteen Knowledge.

You can sign up to receive his regular newsletter, or follow him on Twitter.

And if you are keen to participate in a Knowledge Cafés, David will be running one at the Online Information Conference on 29th November, and at a workshop in London on 13 December.

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