Since our last round-up post, we’ve been sharing even more interesting links on Twitter under the #slaelinks hashtag, as have a number of our followers. Here’s a selection of them:

Visual Storytelling Site Cowbird – The Digital Shift

This new site aims to create “the world’s first library of human experience”.

“My First Month” – LIS New Professional’s Toolkit

The LIS New Professional’s Toolkit blog is running a series of guest posts from new professionals on their first months in their first professional posts. The series kicks off with Simon Barron discussing his first month as E-resources Co-ordinator at Durham University Library.

Search Components Overview – AIIM

Six-minute video explaining the basics of how enterprise search works.

Think Technology Trumps Content? Well, You’re Wrong –

Jim Spanfeller, former president and CEO of, argues that cutting-edge technology will always be secondary to quality content.

Is KM a real force multiplier? – Above and Beyond KM

Outlines an exercise for knowledge management professionals to undertake, to examine if their KM activities add value to their firms.

Not So Fast – Think With Google

It feels like the internet has made us faster than ever, but are we in fact lagging behind the opportunities presented by technology?

Technology Will Kill – Erik Qualman

Video showcasing what technology will replace this digital decade, from checkbooks to car keys. Interesting short video, with an excellent soundtrack!

6 New Year’s Resolutions for a Successful 2012 –

6 tips for the not-so-new year, including joining a networking organisation. Speaking of which…

Professional Associations and Why They Matter –

“A reflection on an unsung entity that is not often recognised beyond its own membership”.

Training as a library function: some observations from the outside – On Firmer Ground

Chuck Lowry, enterprise sales representative for Fastcase, shares his observations on how law librarians train themselves, their staff and their lawyers.

If You Want a Culture of Collaboration, You Need to Accept the LOLCats Too – AIIM

“Accept the fact that your employees will be talking about fantasy football and what they’re doing over the holidays before they’re going to be ready to use [social] tools to conduct “real” work.”

How Africa tweets: visualised – Guardian Data Blog

Twitter is often thought of as a European and American phenomenon. But how does Africa use the social networking tool?

Recorded webinar: Beyond Newsletters – Reprints Desk & HiveFire

Webinar from Reprints Desk and HiveFire on innovative tools and processes for creating internal newsletters.


Many thanks to @obnoxiouslibrn, @woodsiegirl, @ninfield, @GeraldineCS, @worldresearcher and @LibWig for sharing their links with us! If you’ve seen any interesting or useful articles, blog posts, videos, infographics or anything else you’d like to share with your fellow information professionals, we’d love to see them. If you’re on Twitter, just tweet them with the hashtag #slaelinks. If you’re not on Twitter, just leave a comment below with any links you’d like us to tweet about.

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