Here’s some of the most recent links SLA Europe and our followers have been sharing on Twitter, using our #slaelinks hashtag:

The paperless book – O’Reilly Radar

“The problem for publishers is that customers don’t know what a book is anymore.”

Academic publishing is full of problems; lets get them right – Copyright Librarian

Response to an article in The Atlantic on the problems in academic publishing.

Elsevier’s Publishing Model Might be About to Go Up in Smoke – Forbes

Article on the academic boycott of Elsevier. The Economist has also covered this story.

Looking for marketing ideas? Free ebook! – SLA Leadership and Management Division

“Hubspot have made available a free ebook on ‘A Practical Guide to Killer Marketing Content’, with tips including how to create useful personas, and using an editorial calendar to make sure you never run out of content.”

Marketing to Millennials: Social Media, Engagement, Interaction, and Immediacy – EContent Magazine

Excerpt from a chapter in the new book Dancing with Digital Natives: Staying in Step with the Generation That’s Transforming the Way Business is Done.

School Libraries Grapple with Surge in Ereaders – Digital Shift

School librarians see the surge in teens owning ebook readers as an opportunity to educate about digital property issues.

When’s the Best Time to Blog & Share? – Read Write Web

Advice on the best times of the day/week to post and share content online.

Classic blunder #1 – Let’s just try it and see what happens! – Information Wants to be Free

Thoughtful blog post on why “just try it and see what happens” isn’t always a good approach to new projects.

Hashtags for information professionals – Information Today Europe

Bethan Ruddock highlights the hashtags that can help us share conversations, learn from others, share our love of libraries, broadcast our activities – and more!

Developing a Library Collection Development Policy: Journals – Slaw

Considers the place of journals in a contemporary law library collection.

10 Ways to Bring A Conference Back to Work – Learning Circuits

Great advice on how to make the most of what you learn at a professional conference.

5 reasons why we really need librarians and Information Professionals in the Internet age – MmITS

“In celebration of National Libraries Day, here are 5 key reasons why we really need librarians and Information Professionals in the Internet age…”

Angry person is angry! – Don’t Call Me Miss

Fantastic advice from an academic librarian on how to deal with angry library users.

New Research Shows That Enterprise Social Technology Gets Work Done – Digital Landfill

Research scientist Andrew McAfee and the AIIM Task Force track the adoption rate of social business and reveal social business/Enterprise 2.0 best practices for three key business engagement models.


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