We at SLA Europe are sharing some of the most interesting things we’ve found online through our #slaelinks hashtag. Here’s some of the links we’ve been tweeting about lately:

Q&A: SirsiDynix CEO Bill Davison on Social Networking, Self-service, Mashups, and Ebooks in Libraries – The Digital Shift

Library Journal talks to SirsiDynix CEO Bill Davison to comment on some of the issues raised at LJ’s Virtual Tech Summit.

Libraries help researchers save time – JISC

A new report from JISC has confirmed what most of us already knew – that university libraries save academics time by helping them find quality material more quickly.

You can’t continue to develop professionally when unemployed – or can you? – Thoughts from the Window

Of course you can – and Katy Wrathall shares her tips on how to do just that.

The Social Media Lifecycle [Infographic] – Social Media Today

Useful tool for using social media to track key performance indicators.

BYOD: Bring your own device could spell end for work PC – BBC News

Does your workplace allow, or expect, you to use your own computing devices?

Transferable Skills: Stepping Afield to Get a Foot in the Library Door – Library Journal

Taking a non-library job can help you build your skill set and develop outside of traditional library roles.

Messages that Stick: A hip marketing concept can work for libraries

Do you have permission to contact your students with updates from the library?

It’s time to start blaming publishers for the troubles of the publishing industry – TeleRead

“Instead of getting in fights with Amazon, publishers get in fights with libraries, and they don’t even understand what libraries do.”

23 Years Later… And Still Discussing The Same Problems… – LibWig

Sam Wiggins points out that the same problems keep coming up again and again in library literature… and explains why this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Top Executive Recruiters Agree There Are Only Three True Job Interview Questions – Forbes

Regardless of how they are phrased, there are only three true job interview questions.


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