UK public library campaign group Voices for the Library is working to put together a manifesto for public libraries, and they need your help!

We want to create a manifesto for public libraries, a clear vision for what we believe a 21st Century library service should look like and how it should be delivered.  We have been fighting library closures across the country for a long time. When we formed Voices For The Library our intention was to highlight the positive aspects of public libraries, but our energy has been focused on fighting the immediate threat to them. Consequently we haven’t had time to build a picture of what libraries should be.  It is time to express a clear vision, so that when politicians and the media ask the question we can clearly articulate what a library service should deliver.

We at SLA Europe have long been proud supporters of Voices for the Library, and we would like to urge all of our members, whatever sector you work in, to take part. You can contribute ideas to this valuable project by leaving a comment on their blog post, tweeting about it using the hashtag #libfesto, or by joining the conversation at Voices for the Library’s Facebook group.

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