A reminder that with a week to go (deadline: 24th of September) on the SLA 2015 Board of Director voting, we are also voting on two important Bylaws changes:

• To recognize Joint Cabinet as an official body of the Association
• Allow caucuses to be formed based upon geography

Links to more information about the Bylaws changes can be found at
https://www.sla.org/get-involved/election-info/ – General election information and links
http://www.sla.org/governance/bylaws-resource-center/ – Notice to the Members
http://www.sla.org/governance/proposed-unit-structure-change/ – Explanation from Cabinet Officers
http://www.sla.org/governance/leadership-webinars/ – Information Session: Unit Restructuring webinar and slides

Don’t forget to check your junkmail if you have not received your voting ballot email.

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