Dear SLA Europe members,


By now, I hope you will have seen the report put together by SLA’s consultants regarding the future of the organisation. In case you haven’t seen it, the report makes a number of recommendations including a look at the organisation’s positioning, membership revenue and growth, and conference format. The report has been provided to both members and the SLA board for consideration.


As president of your Chapter, I would encourage you to read the report, and take the time to feed back your thoughts in one of several way which I have outlined below. They will be considered, and welcomed.


The Report: 

You can comment in a number of ways:

1. E-mail your comments to the secretary of the board, Tara Murray, who will organise the comments by recommendation and forward them to the board on a weekly basis;

2. By submitting questions for consideration at a virtual Town Hall for SLA members on May 27. This hour-long virtual town hall will begin at 6:00 p.m. London time. You must register to attend the town hall. Questions submitted in advance will be answered first; questions posed during the town hall (using the chat feature) will be answered as time permits. A maximum of two minutes will be allowed for each question-and-answer set. The town hall will be recorded so that members who are unable to participate may listen to it at a later date. In addition to the town hall, SLA members can take advantage of other opportunities to provide feedback about the recommendations;

3. By sharing your thoughts in person during the comment periods at the board meeting in Boston on Saturday, June 13, prior to the start of the SLA 2015 Annual Conference;

4. By speaking directly with board members throughout the conference; and

5. By asking questions during the annual business meeting, to be held at SLA 2015 on Tuesday, June 16, at 5:00 p.m. (This will mark the cut-off for the board to receive comments.)


Should you wish to submit a question at conference, but cannot attend, please let myself or another of the SLA Europe board know, and we can present your thoughts on your behalf. If you have any questions regarding this important report, please do get in touch with me.


Best wishes,


Sam Wiggins


SLA Europe President

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