London Info International 2017 takes place in just under four


Places are now filling up fast for the LII conference and exhibition but there’s still time to book and take part in this global event. There is a wide array of features, événements, and things to do and we will host participants from almost 30 different countries in London in December.
In the run-up to the show, our news will feature just a few of the key elements.

Opening Keynote – 9.15 am Tuesday 5th December

Ziyad Marar, Président, Global Publishing, SAGE Publishing

Ziyad will speak about how the rise of big data and new technology is transforming the very nature of social research, and how we as an industry can respond to this phenomenon, both tactically and strategically.
To handle the threats and to respond to the opportunity in this area requires fresh thinking, ranging from organisational culture to the relationships we have as an industry with a whole host of new actors. Ziyad will also walk through some of the innovations and approaches Sage Publishing plan to implement through building, achat, partnering or investing.

The conference will go on to look at “Valuing truth in the age of fake”, “Birth of the new Infotech”, “Whose research is it anyway?", “Cyber Security”, “Open Science, Open Futures”, “The new impact”, “Changing user behaviours and new business models”, “New tribes”, “AI and machine learning”, “The University publishing revolution”, “Start-ups challenging the status quo” and “Publishing to address grand societal challenges”.

We have also been making the news ourselves in the past week or so.

  1. Jinfo
  2. German Information Industry Newswire

And see the latest on the important report that will be launched at our special pre-conference event

“Challenges in the scholarly publishing cycle”

And for lots of additional announcements
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London Info International 2017 is more than just another conference; it is an independent platform that enables discussions, engages communities, shares knowledge and drives change with influencers, utilisateurs, and providers of information across all disciplines. LII 2017 is independent and inclusive. Il existe de réunir une communauté de professionnels de l'information engagés pour améliorer les résultats de la recherche,,en,l'éducation et des affaires,,en,Nous sommes ravis de la réaction à notre deuxième programme London info Conférence internationale,,en,Nous avons un ensemble vraiment diversifié de conférenciers qui discuteront et débattront des sujets les plus importants et pertinents qui nous touchent dans l'industrie de l'information,,en,Cette année, notre programme met l'accent sur les changements qui affectent globalement les industries,,en,incertitude,,en,Brexi,,la,cyber-sécurité et de fausses nouvelles,,en,quelques-unes des questions brûlantes nos conférenciers débattront,,en,Il est de plus en plus difficile de compter sur des points de référence sociaux et politiques traditionnels,,en,Face à des défis stratégiques et décalant financiers,,en,nous demanderons comment nous dans l'industrie de l'information naviguons un cours,,en, education and business. or call +44(0)1628 947950


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