Adolygiad Digwyddiad: SLA Europe Spring Stroll: Following in the footsteps of the Suffragettes. 26thEbrill 2018

Our thanks to Simon Burton for writing this review. Simon is SLA Europe’s President Elect, Sponsorship Manager and Managing Director and Co-founder of CB Resourcing, a leading knowledge and information management recruitment business.

Thanks also to Seema Rampersad for the photos.

Yr wythnos diwethaf, SLA Europe members were taken on a tour of London following the story of the suffragettes by Kirstie SheddenNoddir yn garedig gan Hammicks.IMG_0309.jpg

The tour started in Parliament Square where we heard about how the movement got started at the site of the new statue of Millicent Fawcett. We also heard about some of the more extreme tactics used by the Suffragettes including explosio


ns at Parliament. We then followed a route past a number of key sites associated with the other related movements of the time.


It was particularly interesting to hear about the broader movements of the time campaigning for women’s suffrage. Whilst the more extreme tactics of the Suffragettes are widely known today the broader movement was extremely peaceful and a much larger organisation that enjoyed popular support.


We finished up with a few drinks at the Chandos pub near Trafalgar Square. The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all and we look forward to further tours exploring London’s history.

Lledaenwch y gair. Rhannwch y swydd hon!

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