Katharine Schopflin : President

Katharine Schopflin



Katharine Schopflin currently manages subscriptions and licensing for Signal Media. She has worked in the corporate sector since 1996 mewn sectorau gan gynnwys cyfryngau, llywodraeth a di-elw a rolau yn amrywio o ymchwilydd i taxonomist. Yn fwy diweddar mae wedi gweithio fel rheolwr gwybodaeth i sefydliadau megis Tŷ'r Cyffredin ac Undeb Amddiffyn Meddygol. She publishes regularly in the information press and is the editor of A Handbook for Corporate Information Professionals (Cyhoeddi agwedd, 2014).


Simon Burton : President-Elect

Simon Burton



Simon Burton is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of CB Resourcing, a leading knowledge & information management recruitment business.

After a successful career in technology recruitment, Simon started working in the information industry several years ago. Initially with Marketresearch.com Profound and has since worked for Forrester Research and Analysys Mason.

Simon is supporting the SLA Europe events committee in engaging with commercial partners.

Marie Grace Cannon : Past President

Marie Grace Cannon

Cyn Lywydd


Marie Grace Cannon Enillodd ei gradd israddedig mewn Athroniaeth a Llenyddiaeth o Brifysgol Warwick, cyn astudio MA mewn Astudiaethau Llyfrgell a Gwybodaeth yn UCL. Marie became involved with the SLA when she was awarded the SLA Early Career Conference Award (ECCA) co-sponsored by the Legal Division and attended the annual conference in Chicago in 2012.

Ers hynny, Marie has served as President, Secretary and Blog Editor for SLA Europe, as well as being an active member of the Digital Communications Committee and Legal Division. Marie is currently working as an Knowledge and Information Officer for Clifford Chance, ac mae'n llyfrgellydd siartredig gyda CILIP.

Rebecca Walsh : Secretary

Rebecca Walsh


Rebecca Walsh is Research Information Officer at the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD), with responsibility for the grey literature collection, monitoring regulatory developments and conducting IARD member's literature searches.
Rebecca graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with a degree in Humanities and an MSc in Inforrmation Science from City University. She has over 25 years’ of work experience in a variety of sectors including legal libraries, academic libraries and the health sector.
Laura Williams : Treasurer

Laura Williams


Laura Williams is currently working at the University of Huddersfield as Subject Librarian for Art, Design and Architecture. Graduating from the University of Sheffield Information School with an MA in Librarianship in 2011. Laura then worked in media libraries and archives at both ITV and the BBC. Media library experience includes working as an embedded media manager within television production at the BBC.

Laura joined the SLA Europe Board after winning the Business and Finance Division’s Early Career Conference Award (ECCA) yn 2013 ac yn mynychu'r Gynhadledd SLA yn San Diego. Ers hynny, Laura has served as Awards Chair for SLA Europe, and from 2017 the Treasurer role. As well as volunteering on the SLA Europe Board, Laura is part of the Digital Communications team for the SLA Embedded Librarians Caucus. Laura is also a member of CILIP working towards Chartership.

Andrew Grave : Events Committee Chair

Andrew Bedd

Digwyddiadau Cadeirydd y Pwyllgor


Andrew Bedd currently provides training and support to corporate information teams. He helps information professionals add value to their research, trains non-information professionals on information literacy topics and provides cover when required. He runs popular public and in-house courses on analysing companies and markets and understanding company accounts.

He began his information career at the business support agency Business Link, yn Llundain. He then moved on to join the UK’s sixth largest accountancy firm, BDO, where he worked for 11 mlynedd. His work there spanned competitive intelligence, vendor management and research and analysis

Seema Rampersad : Membership Chair

Seema Rampersad

Cadeirydd Aelodaeth


Yn wreiddiol o Trinidad & Tobago, Seema Rampersad Daeth i Lundain i astudio Technoleg Gwybodaeth a Chyfathrebu. Bu'n gweithio ar gyfer yr Uned Cudd-wybodaeth yn yr Awdurdod Llundain Fwyaf ac am PricewaterhouseCoopers yn eu Canolfan Gwybodaeth Busnes ers blynyddoedd lawer. Mae hi'n dal i fod yn eiriolwr ar gyfer llyfrgell traddodiadol a gwasanaethau gwybodaeth a sgiliau. Er, y ddwy swydd mae wedi parhau i ddefnyddio technolegau newydd ar gyfer cydweithio ar draws meysydd pwnc a borderi. Ar hyn o bryd, hi yn ddiddordeb yn y cyfryngau cymdeithasol a'r defnydd o amlgyfryngau fel busnes ac offer datblygiad proffesiynol ar gyfer rheoli a chyflwyno gwybodaeth a gwybodaeth.

Claire Sewell : Conference Coordinator

Claire Sewell

Conference Coordinator

Claire Sewell is the Research Support Skills Coordinator within the Office of Scholarly Communication at Cambridge University where she is responsible for overseeing the professional development of library staff. She graduated with an MSc in Library and Information Studies from Aberystwyth University in 2013, achieved CILIP Chartership in 2014 and continues to maintain an active presence in the profession.

Matthias Ammon : Awards Committee Chair

Matthias Ammon

Cadeirydd y Pwyllgor Dyfarniadau

Matthias Ammon is currently working as Research Support Librarian in the Modern and Medieval Languages Library at the University of Cambridge, where he is responsible for managing the Germanic Languages and Film Studies collections and supporting the work of graduate students and academic staff. Prior to that, he was Project Coordinator in Office of Scholarly Communication at Cambridge, with a particular focus on electronic theses and university-led digital publishing. He retains an interest in Open Access and Open Research, particularly with regard to the humanities.

Matthias holds a PhD in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic from the University of Cambridge (where he also gained his BA and MPhil) and is currently studying as a part time distance learner for a Postgraduate Diploma in Information and Library Studies at the University of Aberystwyth. He became involved with SLA after being awarded an Early Career Conference Award co-sponsored by the Science-Technology Division for the 2016 conference in Philadelphia.

Siobhan McGuinness : Chair, Digicomms

Siobhan McGuinness

Cadeirydd, Digicomms


Siobhan McGuinness is SLA’s LMD 2016 Career Advancement Award Winner, where she attended SLA’s 2016 Conference in Philadelphia. She is involved in numerous projects and committees, including @uklibchat, ac mewn 2015 she became part of the very successful Rudai 23 rhaglen. Committee work includes SLA’s Digital Communications Committee since 2014, and recently became involved with SLA’s Leadership and Management Professional Development Committee.

John Coll : Regional Representative (Scotland)

John Coll

Cynrychiolydd Rhanbarthol (Yr Alban)

John Coll yw Pennaeth Mynediad yn Llyfrgell Genedlaethol yr Alban yng Nghaeredin. Mae'n gyfrifol am bob agwedd ar fynediad yn y Llyfrgell gan gynnwys gwasanaethau ystafell ddarllen ac ymholiadau, digwyddiadau ac arddangosfeydd, dysgu ac allgymorth, mynediad digidol yn ogystal â chanolfan ymwelwyr y Llyfrgell gan gynnwys ei siop a chaffi.

Graddiodd John o Goleg Prifysgol Dulyn gyda gradd mewn hanes a gwleidyddiaeth, a diploma ôl-raddedig mewn Astudiaethau Llyfrgell a Gwybodaeth o Goleg Llyfrgellwyr Cymru. Mae ganddo dros 25 mlynedd o brofiad o ddarparu gwybodaeth ac mae wedi gweithio mewn amrywiaeth o sefydliadau eraill gan gynnwys llyfrgelloedd cyfreithiol a banc buddsoddi. Mae ganddo ddiddordeb mawr mewn darganfod adnoddau, ymchwil cynulleidfa a chymhwyso technoleg i wella gwasanaethau i gwsmeriaid.

Ian O’Leary : New Professionals and Student Relations Committee Chair

Ian O’Leary

New Professionals and Student Relations Committee Chair

Ian O’Leary is Information Service Manager at the National Physical Laboratory. He has eighteen years’ experience in information provision and has worked for libraries in a variety of sectors in Ireland, Australia and the UK. He is currently interested in open data and information skills applied to new kinds of information roles. He holds an MA in Philosophy and Graduate Diploma in Library and Information Studies from University College Dublin.

Eleanor Matthewson : New Professionals and Student Relations Committee

Eleanor Matthewson

New Professionals and Student Relations Committee


Eleanor Matthewson is a Legal and Business Research Officer at global law firm HFW. Eleanor has responsibility for the firm's global information training programme. This includes organising and delivering training sessions and the creation and development of the library's online training and guidance modules and documentation. Eleanor completed her MA at UCL before joining HFW in 2016 and has previously worked at Norton Rose Fulbright and Central Saint Martin's.





Marie-Madeleine Salmon : Regional representative: France

Marie-Madeleine Salmon

Cynrychiolydd rhanbarthol: Ffrainc

Marie-Madeleine Salmon yw Pennaeth Gwybodaeth yn Publicis ym Mharis, yn Ffrainc. Mae hi yn arbenigwr o farchnata a chyfathrebu neilltuo i lyfrgelloedd. Mae hi yn cymryd rhan mewn cymdeithasau gwahanol llyfrgellwyr: CLG a ADBS yn Ffrainc, sydd â diddordeb mewn hyrwyddo cyfnewid rhyngwladol rhwng cydweithwyr, profiad ar y cyd a hyrwyddo llyfrgell yrfaoedd.

At y diben hwnnw, yn CLG hi cychwyn ac yn cydlynu y ELT (Llyfrgellwyr Theater Ewropeaidd) yn Arddangosfa Gwybodaeth Ar-lein yn Llundain, cysylltu cyfranogwyr o wahanol wledydd. Yr amcanion yw i drawsnewid y ELT mewn man croesawgar penodol ar gyfer rhwydweithio rhyngwladol a european, cysylltiadau rhannu a chyfnewid a phrofiadau rhwng gwledydd gwahanol yn ymwneud â llyfrgelloedd, llyfrgellwyr yn Ewrop a'r tu allan ac yn rhannu ynglŷn â dyfodol y proffesiwn hwn.

Marie-Madeleine â gradd Meistr mewn Marchnata ym Mhrifysgol Paris Dauphine, a gradd mewn Gwyddorau Gwybodaeth. Dechreuodd ei gyrfa yn y sector cyhoeddus yn y Weinyddiaeth Ffrangeg Diwylliant a Datblygu, ddilyn gan nifer o rolau fel Pennaeth Gwybodaeth mewn asiantaethau hysbysebu gwahanol. Mae prif themâu ei gwaith ymchwil yn: llyfrgelloedd marchnata, offer cyfathrebu ar gyfer llyfrgelloedd a llyfrgellwyr, technegau hyrwyddo ar gyfer llyfrgelloedd a chyfryngau marchnata cymdeithasol ar gyfer llyfrgelloedd. Yn 2006, Derbyniodd Marie-Madeleine Proffesiynol Gwybodaeth Ewropeaidd y wobr flwyddyn o Ewrop SLA.

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