Amy Stubbing
President Elect (2021)

Amy has over five years of experience working in a variety of library and archive settings, and received her MSc in Library and Information Studies in 2016. Her main area of focus in her career has been data driven decisions and service development. She is currently working at the University of East London as the Docklands Campus Library Manager.

Seema Rampersad
Präsident (2020)

Ursprünglich aus Trinidad & Tobago, Seema Rampersad kam nach London, um Information und Kommunikation zu studieren. Sie arbeitete für die Intelligence Unit an der Greater London Authority und für PricewaterhouseCoopers in ihrer Business Information Center für viele Jahre. Sie ist immer noch ein Verfechter der traditionellen Bibliotheks-und Informationsdienstleistungen und Fähigkeiten. Obwohl, in beiden Rollen, die sie immer wieder neue Technologien für die Zusammenarbeit über Fächer und Grenzen verwenden. Derzeit, Sie interessiert sich für soziale Medien und die Nutzung von Multimedia als Geschäfts-und professionelle Entwicklungs-Tools für die Verwaltung und Bereitstellung von Informationen und Wissen.

Nicky Farmer
Digital Communications (LinkedIn)

Nicky Farmer is a law librarian currently embedded in Real Estate and Construction providing legal research and a service environment. She has a background in cataloguing, classification and serials management and a personal interest in knowledge management.

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Claire Laybats
Blog Editor

Claire Laybats was the Head of Information and Knowledge consultancy at TFPL. Claire has worked for TFPL for over 10 years in the information and knowledge management field working in recruitment, then heading up training and events before moving into consultancy in September 2013. She has been involved in and led key pieces of research into skills development in the information profession and has worked actively on consulting projects with clients in both the corporate and public sector nationally and internationally. In 2014 she became joint editor of the Business Information Review published by Sage.

Katharine Schopflin
Past President (2018)

Katharine Schöpflin currently manages subscriptions and licensing for Signal Media. She has worked in the corporate sector since 1996 in Branchen wie Medien, Regierung und Non-Profit-und Rollen, die von Forscher taxonomist. In jüngster Zeit ist sie als Wissensmanager für Organisationen wie das House of Commons und Medical Defence Union gearbeitet. She publishes regularly in the information press and is the editor of Ein Handbuch für Corporate Information Professionals (Facet Publishing, 2014).

Leigh Montgomery
Digital Communications (SLA Connect)

Leigh Montgomery has been a speciallibrarian für 20 years. She is currentlyan Electronic Ressourcen Librarianfor a public, US-statewide lawBibliothek system that provides access to legal information for Massachusetts citizens. She is the formerlibrarian at The Christian Science Monitor news organization. Leigh has served in roles for the Special Libraries Association since 1998 including Chair of the News Division, and President of SLA's New England chapter. She enjoys working with colleagues internationally and has been a member of SLA Europe since 2015. Professional areas of interest include information verification, media literacy, and archiving digital content.

Julia Bhojoo
Digital Communications Member

Julia Bhojoo is the founder of LawLibWiki and an early career librarian, having previously worked in law firms as an Information Assistant and Knowledge Analyst.

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