Simon Burton : President-Elect

Simon Burton

Presidente Electo

Simon Burton is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of CB Resourcing, a leading knowledge & information management recruitment business.

After a successful career in technology recruitment, Simon started working in the information industry several years ago. Initially with Profound and has since worked for Forrester Research and Analysys Mason.

Simon is supporting the SLA Europe events committee in engaging with commercial partners.

Andrew Grave : Events Committee Chair

Andrew Tumba

Eventos Presidente del Comité

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Andrew Tumba currently provides training and support to corporate information teams. He helps information professionals add value to their research, trains non-information professionals on information literacy topics and provides cover when required. He runs popular public and in-house courses on analysing companies and markets and understanding company accounts.

He began his information career at the business support agency Business Link, en Londres. He then moved on to join the UK’s sixth largest accountancy firm, BDO, where he worked for 11 años. His work there spanned competitive intelligence, vendor management and research and analysis

Sarah Bicknell :

Sarah Bicknell

Sarah works in the Information Services Department of mid-tier accountancy firm RSM, which was formerly known as Baker Tilly.

She completed her MSc in Information Science at City University London in 2016, having previously graduated from St Andrews in 2011 with an MA in Latin.

Claire Cooper : Events and Digital Communications Committees

Claire Cooper

Events and Digital Communications Committees

Claire is a Corporate Account Manager at InfoTrack UK, and has over 10 years’ experience working in the UK legal sector.

Joining InfoTrack in May 2016, Claire started in the Conveyancing Team as a Business Development Manager in London and South Wales region. Now forming part of the Corporate Services team she is responsible for identifying client requirements, building client relationships, and developing new services.

As a qualified solicitor Claire has first-hand experience in understanding the requirements of legal professionals, their interactions with clients, and how utilising smart technology can enhance legal service offerings.

Zoltan Csirko :

Zoltan Csirko

Zoltan is a professional Reference and Research Librarian. He has a BA in Library & Information Science and is working towards his MA. A well-seasoned organiser, he hopes to contribute to offering information professionals outstanding event opportunities.

John Coll : Regional Co-ordinator

Juan Coll

Regional Co-ordinator

Juan Coll es Jefe de acceso en la Biblioteca Nacional de Escocia en Edimburgo. Él es responsable de todos los aspectos de acceso a la Biblioteca, incluidos los servicios sala de lectura y consultas, eventos y exposiciones, el aprendizaje y la divulgación, acceso digital, así como centro de visitantes de la Biblioteca incluyendo su tienda y cafetería.

John se graduó de la University College de Dublín con un título en historia y política y un diploma de postgrado en Estudios de Biblioteconomía y Documentación de la Facultad de Biblioteconomía Gales. Cuenta con más de 25 años de experiencia en el suministro de información y ha trabajado en una variedad de otras organizaciones incluyendo bibliotecas legales y un banco de inversión. Él tiene un gran interés en la búsqueda de recursos, investigación de la audiencia y la aplicación de la tecnología para mejorar los servicios al cliente.

Sophie Drummond : Events Committee

Sophie Drummond

Comité de Eventos

Sophie has been Information Officer at global law firm Norton Rose Fulbright since 2015, and has previously worked for the Wellcome Library.
She studied at UCL for her MA in Library and Information Studies and holds an MA in Classics from both Cambridge and Kings College London.
Eleanor Matthewson : New Professionals and Student Relations Committee

Eleanor Matthewson

New Professionals and Student Relations Committee

Eleanor Matthewson is a Legal and Business Research Officer at global law firm HFW. Eleanor has responsibility for the firm's global information training programme. This includes organising and delivering training sessions and the creation and development of the library's online training and guidance modules and documentation. Eleanor completed her MA at UCL before joining HFW in 2016 and has previously worked at Norton Rose Fulbright and Central Saint Martin's.





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