Marie-Madeleine Salmon
Regional Representative: France

Marie-Madeleine Salmon is Head of Information at Publicis in Paris, in France. She is a specialist of marketing and communications devoted to libraries. She is involved in different librarians associations: SLA and ADBS in France, with an interest in promoting international exchanges between colleagues, shared experience and promotion of library careers.

For that purpose, at SLA she initiated and coordinated the ELT (European librarians Theater) at Online Information Exhibition in London, connecting participants from different countries. The objectives are to transform the ELT in a dedicated welcoming place for international and european networking, share and exchange contacts and experiences between different countries concerning libraries, librarians in Europe and outside and share about future of this profession.

Marie-Madeleine has a Masters in Marketing at Dauphine Paris University, and degree in Information Sciences. Her career began in the public sector at the French Ministry of Culture and Development, followed by a number of roles as Head of Information in different advertising agencies. The major themes of her research are: marketing libraries, communication tools for libraries and librarians, techniques of promotion for libraries and social media marketing for libraries. In 2006, Marie-Madeleine received the European Information Professional of the year award from SLA Europe.