Welcome to SLA-CEUR – SLA Europe’s Discussion List

Purpose of the list

The purpose of this list is to facilitate communication among SLA Europe members. Although the membership of SLA Europe constitutes the core of this list, subscription is open to non-members as well.

Joining the list

When you join SLA Europe we automatically add you to the list or you can follow the directions given below.

Sending messages to the list

The email address for the discussion list is


Send an e-mail to:
Subject: <Leave Blank>
Body: unsubscribe sla-ceur

To change your email address

The best way to change your email address on the list is to go to http://lists.sla.org. You may also click on the “Virtual Community” bar along the left side, then Web Access to SLA Lists. Then complete the following steps:

  1. Type in your old e-mail address, and password if any
  2. Click on the “Change your settings” link – this will bring up the Available lists screen.
  3. Go to the bottom, type in your new e-mail address and password if any
  4. Click on “Update settings now”

This will change the e-mail address on all the SLA hosted lists that the person is subscribed to.

List Manager

If you experience any difficulties with the list please contact

If you are not a member of SLA

You can still subscribe to the list by sending an e-mail to: in the following format:
Subject: <Leave Blank>
Body: Subscribe <list name> <your email address> <your name>

For example, to subscribe Jane to the SLA Europe List
Subject: <Leave Blank>
Body: Subscribe sla-ceur email@email.com Jane Doe

Common Commands

(all sent to Lyris@lists.sla.org)
Leave discussion list = unsubscribe sla-dam
Suspend mail = set sla-dam mail postpone (see note below)
Resume mail = set sla-dam mail
What lists am I on? = Which

Turn off your automatic response/vacation notice

Some email systems allow you to set an automatic response to any message you receive. Please do not use this feature since your response will be duplicated over and over to the entire list anytime you receive a message from the list. If you are planning to invoke a response notice temporarily, use the suspend mail feature.


The SLA Europe Discussion List is provided by SLA as a service to its members. SLA assumes no responsibility for the statements and opinions discussed on this list. Neither SLA nor SLA Europe is responsible for the accuracy of postings nor do they necessarily endorse any opinions posted to this list. Message authors are solely responsible for the content of their messages.


Please avoid spamming the list with unwanted messages especially those of a commercial nature. If in doubt, check with a Board member first.

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