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SLA Europe webinar – Insights from Jinfo’s groundbreaking benchmarking research

Listopad 29, 2017 @ 1:00 odpoledne - 1:30 odpoledne

Datum: Středa, 29th listopadu 2017
Čas: 1:00 Premiér – 1:30 PM GMT

Please join us for SLA Europe’s first ever webinar and gain an insight into Jinfo’s recent benchmarking research. Jinfo helps information teams optimise their information sources, technology and value, through unique and practical Content, Community and Consulting. Meaningful benchmarking research covering information centres is scant, even in terms of basic statistical information such as numbers of employees and broad information on budgets. This has long been a frustration for us and our customers. When planning our recent research we knew we wanted to go beyond those broad and basic parameters to really dig into the more elusive and more strategic elements. Gain a taste of this insightful benchmarking analysis and tools through this 30-minute session presented by Robin Neidorf, Director of Research at Jinfo.


Listopad 29, 2017
1:00 odpoledne - 1:30 odpoledne
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