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Únor 2019

Středa Webinar,,en,Uložte datum pro webový seminář Octobers,,en,Provedení tahů - poučení z migrace knihovny,,en: How to win an award

Únor 27 @ 1:00 odpoledne - 2:00 odpoledne

Practical advice on making a successful award application with Amy Stubbing Date: Wednesday 27th February 1pm Booking: With our own Early Career Conference Award just launched and the awards season around the corner, this month's Wednesday Webinar provides the perfect opportunity to focus on how you can improve your success rate in award application. With…

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Březen 2019

kariérní Stories,en 2019 – Working internationally.

Březen 12 @ 6:00 odpoledne - 8:30 odpoledne

Continuing our popular Career Stories series, SLA Europe is delighted to bring you Career Stories: Working internationally. If you are attending in person please book here: Webinar attendees book here: Have you considered working overseas or to work more closely with international colleagues? Or keen to understand what it might be like perhaps to…

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Květen 2019

Uložte data. SLA jarní procházka,en

Květen 1 @ 6:30 odpoledne - 8:30 odpoledne

6:30odpoledne - 8:30pm Save the date. SLA Spring Stroll Learn about London’s rich history whilst burning off a few calories. In this walk, we plan to explore the Social Conscience of Bloomsbury

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