SLA Europe has offered a number of awards in the past, tunnistaa saavutuksia tiedon ammattilaiset kaikissa uransa, support development opportunities, such as attending the SLA Annual Conference in the US, or highlighting an academic piece of research focused on the work being done in special libraries. Many of these awards would not have been possible without the grateful support from our sponsors and other SLA Divisions across the world.

Historiallinen SLA Eurooppa Palkinnot

The SLA Europe Dissertation Prize

The Väitös palkinto was launched in 2007. Prizes were awarded to Masters LIS students at four universities: Brighton, London Metropolitan, Loughborough ja Sheffield yliopistot. Henkilökunta jokaisessa yliopistossa valittu paras väitöskirja perustuu tutkimukseen aiheesta olennaisia ​​jotka työskentelevät erityistä kirjastoissa. Winners received a certificate and £100 cheque.

Previous winners of this award:

2009 Winners:

  • Richard Alleman (London Metropolitan)
  • Jill Rutt (Sheffield)
  • Hardy Schwamm (Loughborough)

2008 Winners:

  • Betty Rabar (London Metropolitan)
  • Clare Sinclair (Sheffield)
  • Frances Warrell (Brighton)

2007 Winners:

  • Rachel Adams (Sheffield)
  • Victoria Louise Bird (Loughborough)
  • Ben Bose (Brighton)
  • Tanya O'Rourke (London Metropolitan)

Perfect Tiedot ja SLA Euroopassa Professional Development Award

PI ja SLA Euroopassa Professional Development Award perustettiin vuonna 2014 to assist SLA members in their professional development in training and presenting . The winner was given opportunity to deliver a workshop at the Perfect Information Conference and provided with a mentor to guide them through the experience.

Previous winners of this award:

  • 2014: Sarah Wolfenden

Sarah delivered a workshop based on the Customer Service Excellence Standard Project and its implementation at Brunel University Library.

SLA Europe Conference palkinnon

The SLA Europe Conference Award provided opportunity for an outstanding information professional to attend the SLA Annual Conference in the US. Tämä palkinto oli suunnattu kaikki tieto ammattilaisille asuvat tai työskentelevät Euroopassa, on yli viiden vuoden kokemus alalla, ja joka ei ole voittanut SLA Euroopassa Early Työpaikat konferenssi Award sisällä viimeisten viiden vuoden.

The 2012 award was Co-sponsored by the Johtamisen Division, ja avokätisesti tukea Dow Jones. Konferenssi Award tarjosi voittaneelle kulut maksettu matka konferenssia, yhdessä mahdollisuuden konferenssin jälkeen lähteä mukaan työhön SLA Euroopassa ja Johtamisen Division (LMD). The 2012 voittaja was Anneli Sarkanen.

SLA Eurooppatiedotus Professional Award

Perustettu vuonna 1994, the SLA Eurooppatiedotus Professional Award (formerly known as the European Special Librarian of the Year, tai Esly) recognised the outstanding achievement of a nominated candidate in the information profession living and working in Europe. The winner received an all expenses-paid trip to the annual SLA Conference, held in the US. Nominators of the successful candidate received a magnum of champagne.

Previous winners of this award:

  • 2011: Professori Hazel Hall (Skotlanti)
  • 2010: Tohtori Geoff Walton (Englanti)
  • 2009: Gimena Campos Cervera (Italia)
  • 2008: Dennie Heye (Alankomaat)
  • 2007: Janet Hopkins (Saksa)
  • 2006: Marie-Madeleine Salmon (Ranska)
  • 2005: Steve Borley (Skotlanti)
  • 2004: Janet Tomlinson (Englanti)
  • 2003: Peter Clarke (Englanti)
  • 2002: Margaret Nelke (Ruotsi)
  • 2001: Annabel Colley (Englanti)
  • 2000: William Hann (Englanti)
  • 1999: Kevin Miles (Englanti)
  • 1998: Lise Lotte Lindskog (Ruotsi)
  • 1997: Tuula Salo (Suomi)
  • 1996: Ruth Colyer (Englanti)
  • 1995: Ian Thomson (Englanti)
  • 1994: Michel Bauwens (Belgia)

Koska 2012, this award has now been replaced by the Early Career Conference palkinto, which is given to one or more LIS professionals who are within the first five years of their career or are enrolled in a European graduate-level programme in the LIS field.

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