Podcast: Interview with Liz Blankson-Hemans

In this SLA Europe podcast interview, we talk to Liz Blankson-Hemans. She is a strategic marketing professional and information management expert and most recently, she was Director of Marketing for Dialog, with oversight for strategic planning and implementation of marketing initiatives for the EMEA/AP region. In this interview Liz talks about her roles in SLA and how this helped her in her professional development.

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Podcast: Jemima Gibbons on being a social leader

Jemima Gibbons is Social Media Strategist at All About Brands’ social media arm, AAB Engage. In this podcast interview, Jemima explains the importance of true social leadership. Those are the people who appreciate that, today, success has less and less to do with personal power – it is increasingly about building a strong network and enabling the organisation around you. She also provides advice on how to be better at being a social leader.

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Podcast: David Milward on synthesising knowledge by exploiting diverse data sources

During the recent ICIC 2011 conference, our podcast editor Dennie Heye interviewed David about his presentation, where David showed how text mining can be applied to unstructured and semi-structured documents ranging from microblogs to full-text patents. This is an exciting new area to derive knowledge and insights from mountains of data.

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