Podcast: Melanie Browne on communicating value through strategic alignment

this podcast, Melanie talks to Dennie Heye about the importance of developing a strong link between the deliverables of the library to customers’ most pressing problems. Melanie explains how she uses marketing techniques like value statements and value propositions to ensure the library is seen as a vaulable, strategic partner and not an overhead.

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Podcast: Hans de Zwart on privacy – what trade offs do we make?

In this podcast, Hans talks with Dennie Heye about the concept of privacy and how in a networked world privacy is changing. The Internet’s permanence, replicability, scale and searchability should affect the way we think about privacy going forward. We actively have to think about the trade offs and Hans provides advice on what we can do ourselves.

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Podcast: Early Career Conference Awards winners

In this podcast, recorded at the annual SLA conference in Philadelphia, Geraldine Clement-Stoneham talks to Samuel Wiggins and Natalia Madjarevic. They are two of the four recipients of an Early Career Conference Award and were attending the conference for the first time. Geraldine talks to them about their impressions and take aways from the conference.

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